Getting Leads with Facebook Advertising in 2018

Getting Leads with Facebook Advertising in 2018

Before we get into a definitive guide on how to utilize Facebook both organically and through advertising to drive users to your website, I want to glaze over some of the higher-level benefits of why Facebook ads are extremely effective, what the process looks like, and how they bring in so many leads.

One of the reasons Instagram is such an effective method for advertising is that it’s built on top of Facebook’s incredible advertising platform. Facebook’s advertising platform is so powerful for many reasons, some of which are:

  • More than 1 billion people are using Facebook
  • Targeting is phenomenal and extremely granular
  • They convert

Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook’s ad targeting is incredible. As a realtor looking for the right leads, you’re able to put your picture, contact info, and listings in front of exactly who you want. Ad targeting allows you to find people who make a certain amount of money, live within a certain area, married, have children, and are likely to move. Yes — Facebook allows you to market specifically to people who are likely to move.

This means that you’re effectively given the ability to pre-qualify anyone who’s going to see your ad by marketing to a certain income level along with only reaching out to the people who are likely to fill the homes you’re specialized in selling. With location, the size of the family, and the lookalike groups, we’re able to gather from targeting, nearly everyone who’s seeing your ad is going to want to see your ad.


Advertising is one thing but converting is another. We can be on every park bench on the planet but unless we have calls to action and are easily accessible to prospects and potential leads it’s useless. Luckily, Facebook makes every step of this process smooth and efficient. To go further, we’ll have to understand the sales funnel of a typical Facebook campaign and how it works.

The Funnel

Your Facebook advertising funnel is a very complex, fickle, and living strategy. All sales funnels look similar but none are alike. It’s going to take trial, error, and truly understanding your ideal customer to get the funnel just right and ultimately have it work for you most effectively.

With that said, the basic idea of your funnel looks like this:

  1. Awareness — Your ad will begin appearing on people’s feed. They may not tap or click the first time but after a few more views, different copy, photos, and some remarketing, they likely will eventually. To entice and lure people to your site, you’ll definitely want to attempt to provide some original content: A blog post, aggregation of listings in the area, or a video.
  2. Engagement — Someone bit. The ad copy and content was enough to build enough trust that someone’s willing to work with you. Now it’s time to capture their info.
  3. Landing Page — I’m not going to discuss all the benefits of a landing page right now since a book can be written on the topic. But the basic idea is that a landing page is the welcoming portion of your website that is unique to the ad they clicked on. This ensures users are not going to get lost in the process of ad -> your system. You’re guiding them along.
  4. Option 1 Bounce — It’s entirely possible we’ll lose somebody here. Reasons might include that the user was confused landing on this page that didn’t deliver what they expected from your ad or they didn’t feel comfortable inputting their information. No matter what the reason is, Facebook’s Pixel’s make it easy to track who bounces, who converts, and how we can optimize so we get the latter more often.
  5. Option 2 Convert — Woohoo! Someone strolled through our funnel flawlessly and converted into our CRM, email drip campaign, call list, or whatever else the end-goal of this marketing strategy was. We’re able to see through Facebook’s analytics who converted and learn more about that so we can optimize for future growth.

The funnel may very well have many more steps to this and even track those that fall off at different stages. What is someone inputs info but leaves the page idle and doesn’t complete? What if they share the page or the post but never convert? These are all possibilities that are possible to track and optimize for within Facebook’s ad platform.

Call to Action

One of the best things Facebook’s advertising allows for is bypassing the funnel altogether and barreling users with calls to action immediately. This is a much more brute force approach, but it’s entirely possible to make the big button on your ad a Call Now link that immediately dials your cell.

Tweaks and tricks like this within Facebook prove it’s extremely customizable and can truly work for you. It’s a system that can be running whenever and has proven to bring such results that would force you to shut it down because you’re getting too much business.

With tactics like remarketing, advanced copywriting, and more, Facebook ads can drive any real estate agent’s business, bring a massive number of leads, and truly grow your business.

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