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Entities and Environments

Where you work and on which devices greatly impact how well and how timely you’re going to accomplish things. Discover how to use ambiance and certain devices to get more done.

Budget Your Time

If you feel you’re not spending your time effectively, you’re probably right. If time is money — treat them the same.

Read the Last Page First

When Harry Met Sally… has some insightful dialogue — one line that sticks out can help shape your mind into becoming more productive and more effective.

Habits vs. Tasks

Doing something over and over again every single day shouldn’t be something you have to check off in your task manager every day. Form habits to save time and get things done quicker and more orderly.

The Importance of the Inbox

Having a single trusted source that can handle any and all of your random thoughts, tasks, events, and even objects is the most powerful tool once its used properly: The Inbox.

Projects vs. Actions

Deciding between a single-action item and an entire, multifaceted project in your task manager isn't always as easy as it may seem.

Importance of Inbox Zero

First installment on a long series of posts regarding the greatest and worst thing in teh world – Email