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Hello, thank you for visiting. I run Calaboration where I make apps, websites, and more. Be sure to read about me for all the other links I reside at, watch my videos, or email me. I'm also a Community Leader at DuckDuckGo and I mentor at Thinkful. Hobbies include reading, politics, and theatre.

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Making it All Work | Book Review

Making it All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and the Business of Life shows you how to not only get things done but explains why we're getting things done and forces you to look at the bigger picture.

Read the Last Page First

When Harry Met Sally… has some insightful dialogue — one line that sticks out can help shape your mind into becoming more productive and more effective.

Habits vs. Tasks

Doing something over and over again every single day shouldn’t be something you have to check off in your task manager every day. Form habits to save time and get things done quicker and more orderly.

The Importance of the Inbox

Having a single trusted source that can handle any and all of your random thoughts, tasks, events, and even objects is the most powerful tool once its used properly: The Inbox.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Book Review

Wealth management, escaping debt, building wealth - these are all things that are essential to learn. Ramit Sethi goes about teaching you how to be rich in a great way.